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Landmark Creative Studios sponsor Dorset Innovators Awards

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

landmark: (noun) event or discovery marking an important stage or turning point in something

Dorset Innovators Sponser

Lorraine Gibson

INNOVATION is a word that’s bandied about a lot in business but for something to be truly groundbreaking, it should change the way we think, act, or even live.

Which is why, while most people are talking about the potential effects of data protection issues in a negative way, Landmark Creative Studios, a design collective based in Poole’s historic old town, is embracing, in fact, relishing them.

“GDPR is already altering how we communicate,” says Landmark’s designer, Adam Gritz. “Email is no longer the most effective means of reaching out to people and we’re already using alternatives.”

He’s referring to how companies, now tasked with re-inviting people to continue receiving their messages, find they are largely being ignored by customers who are delighted to be free from inbox overload.

Which is where Landmark steps in. Yes, they offer the expected cutting-edge design, art, digital services and animation yet, because the team has 20-years-plus experience in the industry, they are also highly-skilled at traditional promotional methods which they are now bringing into the modern marketplace.

“Printed material and outdoor media can be far more effective than an easy-to-delete message,” he says. “And we are really excited about some of the old-school methods returning to the marketing, which were our forte in the past”.

Indeed, especially when Landmark can take the old dynamic and, using animation techniques, can make what appear to be still-life images, suddenly and subtly come to life. Picture the effect of these dramatic hoardings, throughout social and online media - unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

So, if you’re starting out from scratch, launching into new markets or just want to make your current brand work harder, they can make it come alive and stand out from the crowd by developing a unique and distinctive creative approach that keeps your brand and your vision different to, as well as ahead of, those of your competitors.

In a nutshell, they’re going back to the future.

It may be a cliché, but Adam says they do approach individual projects, from modest start-up campaigns to global marketing extravaganzas, as though they are the benchmarks on which they will be judged.

Among its portfolio of local and national clients, the agency works closely with several philanthropical educational organisations like the Varkey Foundation, a not-for-profit initiative created to improve standards of education for underprivileged children around the world.

This can take many forms, such as a live satellite broadcast of a school lesson directly into to a ‘class’ of children in a remote region of the Gambia.

Landmark is also the force behind the design and marketing strategies of the prestigious Global Teacher Prize, another worthy initiative which recognises educational excellence in teachers who go above and beyond the call of duty to educate, motivate and inspire pupils. The Poole team steers this huge global ceremony, held annually in Dubai, from conception to realisation.

So, what does the near future hold? According to Adam, crypto currency is the new black and Landmark is working closely with a visionary company called Elepig, that aims to take the ICO industry to the next level with the launch of a new crypto exchange platform and coin. The buzz around the launch has already attracted millions of interested investors and Elepig membership currently stands at 30,000 – and counting.

Closer to home, Jeff Fawcett of Strategic Solutions Financial Planners, a client that began with a staff of four and has now grown to 20, says: “Adam’s marketing ideas have been totally in keeping with our visions but with innovative thought and execution.”

Summing up, Adam says:

“I don’t want to make a killing churning out mediocre work and sailing off into the sunset on a yacht.

“As the years go on, I genuinely want to look back and say: “We didn’t do a good job, we did a great job!”

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